Importance of mold inspection after a hurricane


Fragment of a nice house.
Fragment of a nice house.

After the heavy rains it is always possible to have some molds grow in the building. Molds are very dangerous and are major causes of a number of problems. For that reason you have to get qualified people who are able to do the inspection so that they can rule out any presence of the molds in your home. This person who has done this work for a length of time and understands well on everything concerning the mold inspections. There are various reasons as to why you would need to get a mold inspection and generally speaking it is because people develop allergies when they get into the house. If that happens and the area had been hit by floods it shows that the drying was not done properly and therefore causing the moisture to grow.


Here are some of the things you will need to ask the inspector who will come to do the mold testing in your home. The first thing is that you have to work with someone who has the training and the expertise to handle this kind of work here. You will find that with mold inspections it will be easy to look for evidence from either the past or even the present history of the home to get molds. If there was a past history of molds in the home then it would certainly show that they could come up again.


When doing the mold inspection it should be done inside the house, outside as well as any other areas that could have mold growth. You will find cases that have

the structural issues which would cause wood decays especially in the crawlspaces. Molds can be able to cause a lot of damage in the building. In many cases there is always staining seen where the molds had formed which brings about the need for a sample to have a mold testing done in that case. The mold testing in that case will be required to be taken to the lab for air quality testing to know which kind of mold it is.


After that you may consider doing an indoor air quality investigations which help in looking at any reason as to why the irritants are present. This will help you know which irritants are present and also why there would be any form of discomfort in the house to the owners. Click here to read more.